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The Women's choir


The Women's choir

Photo: Sarah Hickson

We were delighted when the women, whose voices we had often heard coming out of the church, soaring beautifully and stridently above the usual soundscape of the camp, agreed to come and record in the studio. 

The women of 'the jungle' are not often heard. Here they are singing their hearts out.
We met these singers in a church service on Sunday when the UK group Get gospel and the ladies who regularly sing in the church exchanged songs. We asked them if they'd consider coming to record over in the makeshift studio in the school next to Jungle Books. They agreed and what is more, they totally engaged with the whole process. Working with Get Gospel they harmonised songs and got to work on recording. They were delighted, elated even. Asking when they can do more. They recorded two tracks which will go on The Calais Sessions album. 
Then Monday came and their church was cruelly bulldozed. Their sacred and peaceful place demolished. The recordings marked with poignancy.

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