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La Llorona

Photo: Sarah Emma Smith

For a week in April the studio and its surrounding area buzzed or rather strummed with infectious energy. Jam sessions ran well into the night, or rather, well into the early hours. Guitars had been donated in the dozen and two rather special musicians and volunteers came to give classes and to jam with the musicians there. 

The Calais Sessions evolves every day. Musicians, volunteers, donations of instruments and messages of support from around the world come through social media platforms. It's a beautiful show of solidarity though music. Music really does connect, that is for sure. As much as sessions are planned, they are ever changing as you don't ever know exactly who is going to be around in the 'jungle' at any one time. Musicians there come and go of course. Jesus had contacted our facebook page a week or so before his trip and as luck had it, our visits would be coinciding. We started gathering ideas for guitar based sessions and as soon as we connected in the camp it was clear to see that both he and Carolina would become part of the team. And really that is how the whole project works - one message, a wander around the camp, a chat - can and does lead to another extraordinary musical encounter. 

Their classes were well loved and appreciated, as were the occassions where they were asked to play a few songs. Here is an absolutely stunning performance of 'La Llorona'. We were so glad to have captured this beautiful moment. Camera and edit by Sarah Emma Smith and audio recording and production by Danny Rowe. 

Jesus Bellosta Flores - guitar 

Carolina Ferrer - voice

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